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I understand the female body.  I relate to the deeply emotional process women go through when choosing what to wear. What a woman wears is so personally related to her feelings and emotions, with the look, feelings, shape and fit and the desire to feel garments are flattering and reflect who she is.  


What is luxury?  Now that I have learned my craft extensively and properly, my eyes have been opened to excellence.  Now that this inner understanding has been awakened, it is hard to turn away from it.   In today’s world of fast fashion, to me, luxury is actually the art and craft of creating something with skill.  Taking the time to make something with care, a great attention to detail, a creative flair, an eye for the unique personality of the individual and to in fact, wait for it to unfold.  This is luxury.


Going back to the roots of clothing, there was no clothing industry or fashion season.  There were tailors, seamstresses and couturiers making for individuals.  I don’t believe creative achievements should be judged as out of season, last season or old-fashioned.  Of course all things will be new or an innovation at one point, but it doesn’t mean these creations become less worthy, less beautiful or less variable with time.  The best fashion is to wear waht takes your fancy, that you feel good in, suits you and fits you, free from dictation of following the herd.  Be yourself.  Be individual.  Be free.  Express.  There is always a bit of now, a current trend or direction in it.  As we live amongst each other, other cultus and society, but it is your own personal style, just as we are in our own stages of life.    What is old for one generation, is new for another.


I love nothing more than to create a luxurious and beautiful experience for each woman I work with, through the entire journey from conception to stepping out in a garment that looks and feels perfect in every way.

You not only end up with a unique and luxury couture garment,  at BvB you participate in the journey of your garment from design through to final fitting.  Even in the way your garment is delicately packaged and preciously delivered.

Stepping in to our BvB couture artisan atelier in the thriving hub of central south London, you will discover a passionate and creative work space of an artist and master craftswoman and experience it in action.  A couture artisan atelier in London.


Is there anything totally new or innovative? Everything is in existence already, there is only the new arrangement of elements and a different or new way of making something.   I value tradition, yet embrace the possibilities to combine tradition with modern technology when it creates a special effect or supports more sustainable values.


The Britta von Basedow label offers one-off, custom-made and limited clothing lines.  Some items are classic and timeless and can be made on request. All garments and accessories are made with uncompromising quality and materials. I create with a culture of excellence which really is a great essence of this brand.


The art of couture and hand stitched clothing is an art that is disappearing.  Upholding and passing on this master craft is something I hold dear and I take great pride in passing on the skill and expertise of this fine craft to those passionate artists young and old learning and growing in the field.


Wherever possible, the materials sourced for BvB, whether they be fabrics, hand crafted adornments or beads and crystals come from reputable suppliers utilising local and ethically sourced labour, mostly from the finest mills and artisans in Europe.

In a world of excess, I prefer to make limited numbers, made on demand (made to order) or one-off


Our silk flower maker is an French artisan skilled beyond any other in his trade.  His studio/workshop is located in Paris and working with his exquisite pieces not only adds beauty and individuality to the gowns I make, but lets me know that I am supporting the creativity and art work of a tradition and artform.  Whether it is the artist hand-painting a custom piece of silk, or the artist creating intricate beading work, investing in couture is supporting local European art forms.