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Love your shape



Transform and cherish your feminine shape with a custom-made corset.  Accentuate the beauty of your outer-wear and feel as good on the inside as you look on the outside.  Our corsets are finely made to your exact figure, shaping you where you want it most and providing support.  Our corsets are especially wonderful for fuller busted women who never before dreamed of going strapless.  They are also incredibly comfortable.  A well made corset will have the effect of shaving pounds from your figure, without having to add all the stress of a restrictive health regime leading up to your big event.

  • Shape your waist
  • Support a fuller bust and go strapless
  • Transform the outer shape of your wedding dress
  • Luxuriate with the soft silk lining on the inside and feel the comfort
  • Your back and core will benefit immensely from the support
  • Wear it under all of your favourite garments on any occasion or any day of the year


"Britta made me the most beautiful dresses I have ever owned, and has introduced me to corsets (despite a very large bust). I look very glamorous in a way I had never imagined possible. Thank you Britta."

Anna, Scotland

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London Atelier


“Creating for women, is to understand the female body, shaping a silhouette
that flatters and connecting to their feelings and emotions.”  Britta von Basedow