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“A female fighter that when putting on her armour becomes strong and powerful – as the armour is holding and protecting her inner most softness, vulnerability and femininity. A collection to reinstate the times when gods were female, the goddesses that modern society lost, reconnecting women with their utmost power and strength while keeping her femininity.”

Designer Britta von Basedow created in her Knightness collection exalted combinations – daring to invoke creative duels, disturbing and inciting to innovate and transmit.

The Knightness’ armour is made for fighting a double game with her essential protection yet silhouettes in a disconcerting confrontational elegant way in an unexpected attack.

Pieces are distingued yet functional and can create an impulsion to readily submit to those confrontations of the world of the modern woman.

Reveal and relay her wo-man-ness via colour, cut or material, to convey and throw off course in her fight for herself and for her recognition and leaving her impressions in the Urban wilderness.

Merging new energies in sensorial mixes – Patent Leather with satinised Chiffon in provocative red, bonding Merino Wool Jersey with Nappa Leather, for total confusion to reveal their essence via the contrast of material without loosing its qualities.

Tailoring verses soft Jerseys for an uninterrupted dialog between visionary future and traditional know-how, where imagination, emotion and reality collide, absorbing, past heritage and re- fashioning it in new innovative forms.

Capes, Jackets, Trousers and Dresses offer the Knightness woman outfits for day and evening in a luxury contemporary style.

Made to order in our London Atelier.


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