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I love to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to create contemporary luxury

Britta von Basedow

Haute Couture

UNIQUE, individual – Craftsmanship to the highest level of tailoring designed by Britta von Basedow. 

Haute Bride

YOUR DREAM DRESS – created and designed by expert hands for and with you.





Bridal Collections


Contemporary wedding dresses made to order – style combined with unique design, exquisite craftsmanship and materials…. order online or in-house.




Contemporary luxury Pret-a-Couture made to order – timeless individuality


“This is a show-stopper of a dress. The quality of the tailoring and attention to detail have resulted in one of the most beautiful and comfortable dresses I have ever worn.”

Vanessa Mae, British Violinist



||Britta made me the most beautiful dresses I have ever owned. Her designs are so sophisticated and fun and take into account my body shape and complexion, and I have returned to her for clothes again and again - even though I live in Scotland! She has introduced me to corsets (despite a very large bust), which with her dresses make me look very glamorous in a way I had never imagined possible. You won't be disappointed with her.||

Anna, Scotland




||You made my dream dress even better then my dream.||

Ciara, Ireland



What is luxury?  I believe it is the art and craft of creating something with skill.  Taking the time to make something with care.  A great attention to detail, a creative flair, an eye for the unique personality of the individual and to in fact, wait for it to unfold.  This is luxury.




Craftsmanship passed down from generations of experts in their trade, preserving and promoting the quality and fine art of tailoring.




An experience

Enjoy a luxurious and beautiful experience, through the entire journey from conception to stepping out in a garment that looks and feels perfect in every way.  Participate in the artist’s journey from design through to final fitting.


I relate to the deeply emotional process of choosing what to wear and the relationship this has with a woman’s feelings and emotions.  I understand the desire for a look, a feeling, a shape and fit and the desire to be who you are.




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“Creating for women, is to understand the female body, shaping a silhouette
that flatters and connecting to their feelings and emotions.”  Britta von Basedow